About Us

About Us

TerLyn Team: Igniting Excellence, Shaping Futures

Welcome to TerLyn Team, where our commitment to transformative capacity development sets the stage for organizational success and individual growth. Established as a Consultancy, Training, and Advocacy Organization, we pride ourselves on pioneering innovative approaches that propel careers and foster excellence in the Nigerian corporate industry.

At TerLyn, we believe in the power of knowledge to shape futures. Our mission is clear: to deliver impactful capacity development programs that leverage the global education market, harness employee knowledge, improve skills, and reward efforts in the dynamic Nigerian corporate landscape.

Holistic Approach to Capacity Development

TerLyn Team stands out with a tailored, holistic approach to capacity development, offering a comprehensive suite of services catering to the specific needs of individuals and organizations in the dynamic Nigerian corporate landscape.

Strategic Consultancy Services

TerLyn Team distinguishes itself through strategic consultancy, collaborating with organizations to develop tailored strategies, aligning training efforts with industry best practices for sustainable growth and success.

Industry Thought Leadership

TerLyn Team, an industry thought leader, orchestrates insightful events, including conferences, expos, and webinars, fostering learning, networking, and trend exposure, while our research initiatives solidify our position as a trusted source of expertise, dedicated to advancing the industry.

Mission &


To deliver transformative capacity development programs by leveraging the global education market, harnessing employee knowledge, improving skills and rewarding efforts in the Nigerian corporate industry.


Be a leading consulting firm in the Nigerian corporate industry.

Meet the Team

Meet the team behind TerLyn – a group of dedicated professionals committed to excellence.

Nissi Lyam


A highly motivated Entrepreneur and Development Expert, adept at navigating challenges with emotional intelligence and an unwavering drive for success. Renowned for analytical prowess, problem-solving acumen, and a knack for fostering collaborative strategies in global businesses. Extensive expertise spanning the Construction Industry, Financial Sector, and

Development Organizations, delivering transformative results through process enhancements and innovative thinking. Passionate about exploring new places, conducting research, mentoring, public speaking, and continuous learning. Visited diverse countries including Germany, Benin Republic, Togo, UK, Ghana, Kenya, Luxembourg, and Uganda. This seasoned professional is poised to revolutionize microfinance bank training services with a unique blend of expertise, creativity, and a commitment to excellence


Peter Olamiriki


Highly dynamic and dedicated professional driven by challenge, undeterred by obstacles, resilience and committed to furthering standards of excellence, with a strong management and business analysis experience and track record of directing the delivery of organizational development initiatives, business transformation projects and digital solution to several businesses.

Over 5yrs UK and global experience in all aspects of core management, managing project lifecycle from initiation through to closing, product development (IT), business analysis, agile advocacy, change management initiation, stakeholder management initiation, strategic roadmaps development, business process analysis, process mapping and modelling. Possesses combinations of soft skills, technical skills and abilities to collaborate with cross-functional teams, serves as change agent, manage stakeholders at all levels, demonstrate excellent negotiation, presentation, and strategic thinking skills always. A detail-oriented individual, with the ability to work and lead a team to deliver multiple concurrent projects and ensure a priority base delivery approach of key objective to the delight of stakeholders.

Peter N

Tosin Godwin

Project Manager

With over 5yrs experience in Sales and Marketing Learning & Development and Corporate communications, taking training for several organizations like BlueChip, Stemres, FSP et al, in areas like Team Building, Project and Change Management, Work-Place Relationship Management, Corporate, and Business Strategy, he has helped improve the business process of several organizations.

He is enthusiastic about Training project implementations and delivery, analysis, and interpretation of the impact. He leads the creation of training programs and materials, and plays a lead strategic role, overseeing the creation of content, e-learning, collateral, and other training materials that will impact behavior-changing training using various training theories inclusive of job aids, facilitator and participant guides, on-the-job training systems, tutorials, and demonstration models.

His major specialty is driving high-quality, research-based, data-driven decisions that help improve operations, decision-making, processes, businesses, and ultimately profits. He can summarize his skills and capabilities into the following: Microsoft Suite, Project Management, Business Analysis, Relationship Management, and Team Building.


Victoria Umaru

Human Resource

Human Resource Manager with over 5 years of dedicated experience in the dynamic and fast-paced world of fintech. Her career has been defined by a relentless pursuit of excellence in people management and development, with a strong foundation as a lawyer, author, and writer, she has meticulously honed her skills in employee recruitment, onboarding, performance management, and employee relations, organizing and facilitating training programs tailored to the needs of the staff.

Her understanding of the fintech industry, combined with insights into the human element, allows her to design and implement training initiatives that drive growth, enhance skills, and boost employee morale.


Owolabi Ayokunle


With a foundation in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, his professional trajectory has dynamically converged technical expertise with creative proficiency. Over two years, he has navigated roles spanning graphic design, product design, and technical support, showcasing his  adaptability and proficiency. His journey includes applying engineering knowledge to innovate technical solutions while refining graphic design skills, contributing to impactful visual communication and product design milestones.

The strategic thinking and problem-solving ingrained in engineering seamlessly translate into creative solutions, reflecting a commitment to excellence evident in delivering results across varied technical and design domains. Eager to channel this dual competency into Terlyn, he is enthusiastic about contributing to the team’s success and fostering innovation across diverse projects.


Faculty Members

Experience excellence personified – a collective force driving transformative learning at TerLyn Team.

Dr. Genevieve Pearl Duncan Obuobi

LEADERSHIp and entrepreneurship

Dr. Genevieve Pearl Duncan Obuobi is a dynamic African business leader, deeply committed to individual development and the empowerment of women and youth in leadership and entrepreneurship. Specializing in customer experience and leadership strategy, she is a sought-after SME consultant, global speaker, coach, and mentor. With a mission to facilitate the scalability of women-led businesses, she focuses on capacity building, B2B coaching, international exposure, and leadership development. With an impressive 18-year tenure in the service industry, she brings extensive experience in relationship management, team leadership, business development, and bank branch management. Driven by her commitment to excellence, she has earned multiple awards in Banking & Finance, People Skills, Authorship, Coaching & Mentoring, and Women & Youth Economic Empowerment.

Acknowledged as one of the “100 Most Impactful Change Makers in Africa” by the Humanitarian Awards Global 2022 and recognized among the “40 Most Influential Female Leaders in Ghana” by Young Global Network in 2020, she is a staunch advocate of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 5, 7, 8, and 17. Dr. Obuobi holds a doctorate degree from Swiss Business School (SBS) Zurich, an MBA in Marketing from the University of Ghana, and a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from GIMPA. Certified by Harvard, USA, Cranfield UK, and CEIBS Shanghai for Executive Education, she currently serves as the Lead Consultant at Tarragon Edge, Ghana, and as a Business Development Consultant at Crucible Afrique LLC, Dubai.


Enoch Durotoye

Leadership coach

A certified leadership coach with over a decade of experience in training organization on leadership, personal effectiveness, organizational effectiveness. He’s widely travelled honing his skills in organizational Spectra across three continents. His work has received several awards including P&G CEO award. He has trained several organizations spanning government, hospitality, healthcare, technology and academics amongst many He has helped several organizations build human capacities and strengthen their employee’s morale His practical training style has helped many close their skill gaps between information and implementation.


Ucha Unimke-Ulayi

business strategist and tech enthusiast

Ucha Unimke-Ulayi, a prominent African business strategist and tech enthusiast, is celebrated for her pioneering role in obtaining one of Nigeria’s first Mobile Money licenses in 2011. Her career is driven by a firm belief in technology’s potential to boost MSME growth. A staunch advocate for women entrepreneurship and gender digital finance inclusion, Ucha has initiated numerous programs to enhance sustainable finance and business practices.

Currently, as a Senior Consultant at Successory Nigeria Limited, she specializes in Fintech and Agricultural Value Chain Finance, championing financial inclusion for MSMEs. Her strategic acumen was evident during her tenure as the Head of Business Development Finance at Fortis Microfinance Bank PLC.

Ucha’s commitment to continuous learning is reflected in her academic achievements, which include executive education at Columbia Business School and a Post Graduate Diploma from the Institute of Development Administration of Nigeria. She has empowered over 5,000 individuals with knowledge in sustainable finance, financial management, and leadership.

Ucha’s diverse certifications from institutions like TechChange USA, HubSpot Academy, and the Helix Institute highlight her dedication to staying abreast of technology-driven advancements. Her influence extends globally, having shared her insights at international conferences and engaged with luminaries like Prof Muhammed Yunus. Ucha’s journey exemplifies the transformative power of strategic planning, tech innovation, and inclusive finance.


Dr. Saater Igyuse

thought leader and author

He is a thought leader and author who has created sustainable solutions to various healthcare challenges including the use of green technology in prevention and management of health disorders. He has an MBA degree from Trinity Western University in Canada, a Public Health degree from the Liverpool John Moores University and another from Queen’s University Belfast in Leadership for sustainable development under the Commonwealth Scholarships.

He has also received several awards including the Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Award, the Secure the Future Headliner’s Award and Industry championship in the Business Strategy Game. Dr. Igyuse has authored several books among which is the All-or-None Law, and frequently speaks on leadership development, healthcare financing, business strategy and sustainability practices.


Oyekanmi David Olufemi

Registered Animal scientist

Mr Oyekanmi David Olufemi has an MBA in Entrepreneurship and venture creation from Bayero University kano, B.agric from the University of Agriculture Abeokuta .He is a Registered Animal scientist from the Nigeria institute of Animal science and a member of Animal science Association of Nigeria. He presently the GM(nutrition) of one of the leading commercial feed in Nigeria with almost two decades working experience in poultry nutrition with vast knowledge in livestock nutrition. He had continuously been trained both internationally and locally.

To mention but few is Feed training programme conducted at the Tunisian Regional Feed training center Tunis in conjunction with US grain council and National Agronomic institute of Tunisia (INAT Feed Training Center Tunis Tunisia).
NIAS/IFIF Nigerian institute of Animal science/ International Feed Industry Federation Training on Feed Safety and Training the Trainer Feeds, feeding and lease cost feed formulation at the college of animal science and veterinary Nammakal Taminadu Ind


Oyerinmade Oladejo

Management and Microfinance Consultant

Oyerinmade Oladejo, a seasoned doctoral researcher and part-time lecturer at De Montfort University, UK, has over 16 years of diverse experience in retail, education, and corporate training. Passionate about organisational development, she has successfully managed learning and development projects for various organisations, including AFOS Foundation and the Cherie Blair Foundation.

Her professional journey spans multiple roles in Human Resources, Administration, Operations, and Corporate Training, where she honed her skills in stakeholder management, strategic planning, and research and development. She has facilitated the development of tailored learning curriculums, contributing to lasting solutions for Learning and Development challenges in global corporate organisations and government institutions.

Oyerinmade’s work has taken her across Europe, East Africa, and West Africa, holding positions such as Corporate Trainer at Sarina Russo Job Institute and Business Lecturer at TASMAC London School of Business. Recently, she coordinated the Nigerian Microfinance Platform, leading stakeholders on knowledge exchange visits and organising symposia and conferences.

She holds a master’s degree in International Business Management from the University of East London and is an associate member of the Chartered Management Institute, UK. She also has certifications in Project Management (Prince2) and Education and Training (Pearson). Currently, she lectures at the Leicester Castle Business School, UK.


Dr. Dayo Adeyemi

LEADERSHIp and entrepreneurship

Dr. Adeyemi Temidayo Michael is an accomplished professional with over 30 years of diverse experience as a lecturer, teacher, leader, founder, expert in Professional Development and Training,
Technical Knowledge
Transfer, Strategic Corporate Planning, Social Enterprise and Not-For-Profits. He is highly skillful in Life Coaching, Youth Mentoring, Counseling, Talent Management and ICT for Training across board and possesses a proven track record as a leader/volunteer in achieving Team’s goals in challenging environments.
He founded The Boys’ Project Nigeria (BE; Boys Empowered) and is the founder and Executive Director of The Catalyst Men Network International in Lagos. He is a qualified teacher, trainer, broadcaster, writer and culture architect.

Dr. Joshua Ukute

Management and Microfinance Consultant

Dr. Joshua Ukute is the National President of the National Association of Microfinance Banks (NAMB) and Managing Director of Alekun Microfinance Bank. A strategic leader passionate about poverty alleviation and community development, he has undertaken numerous initiatives and programs serving communities, organizations and institutions. Ukute has qualifications including being a Certified Microfinance Expert, Fellow of the Institute of Management Consultants, Certified Management Consultant, and honorary PhD. He has worked on projects like speaking engagements, market research, technical assistance to financial institutions and schools, rural finance, corporate governance, and talent recruitment, leveraging his leadership skills to engage with business leaders and industry practitioners.

Prof. Nathan Chiroma

LEADERSHIp and entrepreneurship

Prof. Nathan Chiroma is the Principal of Africa College of Theology and has a proven track record of guiding individuals toward personal and academic growth through a holistic approach.
He has extensive experience in designing and implementing educational programs that integrate spiritual values, promoting character development and ethical decision-making. He is also skilled in fostering a culture of empathy, compassion, and understanding, vital for creating a harmonious and purpose-driven educational community. Moreover; he is adept at inspiring and mentoring both students and staff to achieve their fullest potential by embracing wisdom, empathy, and spiritual growth.

TerLyn Team: Igniting Excellence, Shaping Futures.

Join us on this journey of empowerment

 We unlock potentials, bridge gaps, and pave the way for success

Power of knowledge to shape futures

TerLyn Team excels in providing customized solutions, ensuring that our services, whether in Corporate Trainings, Consultancy, or Exposure Programs, are precisely tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients.


TerLyn Team: Igniting Excellence, Shaping Futures.

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